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Lifetime Fitness has partnered with Peak Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center to provide gait analysis for all members

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Contact a Lifetime Fitness
personal trainer to reserve a
video recording session.

Your video will be sent to Peak
Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center to be analyzed.

You will recieve an in depth review of your giat with voice over analysis and corrective exercises.

Improve Your Performance-Improve Your Health


Corrective Exercises Prescribed for You Personally:

About Peak Physical Therapy
& Sports Medicine Center

Peak Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center boasts a world class performance and sports therapy team.Peak strives to provide treatments tailored to each athlete's needs and personal goals.

Peak's clients include:

    -Michael johnson Performer Center to provide a clinic for Pre-participation
    Musculoskeletal/Biomechanical Assesments and a specialized rehab clinic for treatment of all level of athletes
    -SportsMedicineOutreach-Athletic Trainer coverage for community and school athelitic events.
  • Sports Medicine coverage of Prime Time National Basketball Tournament
  • Coverage of High School football games for Pottsboro,Anna,and Melissa
  • Sports Medicine coverage of KBB and other Local Basketball Tournaments
  • Sports Medicine coverage for annual Dallas Area Arthritis run/walk
  • Sports Medicine coverage for annual Sandin 5k,SRC 5k and local Triathlons
    -Official Sports Medicine Clinic/Athletic Training Room for the Mickey Mantle World Series played annually in Mckinney
    -Organized/Co-sponsered Student Athletic Trainer workshop for DFW area student athletic
    -Diabetes workshop for elderly at Mckinney Senior center
    -Founded Mckinney Masters Swim Program-February 2004
    -Strong relationships with Leading Sports Medicine Physicians in Collin,Dallas,Denton,and Hays counties.